Welcome to Public Policy Studies!

As a liberal arts major, public policy studies teaches students to read critically, think analytically, and write concisely. Through rigorous coursework in multiple fields, including economics, statistics, political science, history and ethics; through electives in substantive areas; and through a policy oriented internship, PPS students learn how knowledge gained through research can be used to address domestic and international problems.

Undergraduate Mission Statement: A major in public policy studies aims to teach students how to make a difference in the complex policy issues of today. The curriculum provides students skills in political and economic analysis, knowledge about how to lead people and organizations, and a strong ethical foundation for decision-making.

Intellectual Goals

The broad intellectual goals of any major should relate in some way to the goals of a liberal arts education. The Report on Yale College Education (April 2003), produced by a committee chaired by Richard Brodhead, listed the skills a liberal arts education should deepen. The public policy major at Duke encourages students to work toward the goals outlined in visions of a liberal arts education, which are also reflected in the Philosophy of Trinity College.

The goals of the major in public policy studies are both pedagogical and policy specific. First, we aim to create a learning environment in which students 1) draw on skills from multiple disciplines, 2) learn to write concisely and clearly, and 3) consider the ethical implications of their actions.

Second, the topics explored in the major should lead students 1) to think in terms of global problems and international relations, 2) to analyze the policies surrounding new advances in science (i.e., genomics) and technology (i.e., intellectual property and the Internet), and 3) to engage in solving important social problems.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for the major are extensions of the goals:

  • PPS majors should complete a series of interdisciplinary core and elective courses so they can analyze and evaluate contemporary public policy problems.
  • PPS majors should learn to integrate skills learned in the coursework and the practice of public policymaking. This is accomplished through required internships. Read student comments about their experiences.
  • PPS majors should become proficient in writing skills; both those skills that require substantive, clear, succinct analysis of contemporary policy-related issues and those that require more in-depth exploration and explanation of issues in the academic discipline of public policy studies.
  • To gain an understanding of the scholarly context of public policymaking, PPS majors are strongly encouraged to participate, if possible, in an undergraduate research experience such as an honor’s thesis, an independent study, a research service-learning course or project, or to work as a research assistant for a professor.


Class on the Sanford Building Lawn

Class on the Sanford Building Lawn