Undergraduate Major Requirements

Courses (8)

  • Pubpol 120 (prev 103) - Internship
  • Pubpol 155D (prev 55D) - Introduction to Policy Analysis
  • Pubpol 301 (prev 114) - Political Analysis for Public Policy*
  • Pubpol 302 (prev 116) - Policy Choice as Value Conflict*
  • Pubpol 303 (prev 128) - Microeconomic Policy Tools*
  • Pubpol 304 (prev 132) – The Economics of the Public Sector
    • Pubpol 128 is a prerequisite for this course
    • This course is NOT required before the internship
  • History - Elective, from list designated by the PPS Department
  • Stats 101 - Data Analysis and Statistical Inference
    • Statistics 102, 103, or 111 may substitute for Statistics 101
    • NOTE: the statistics placement exam is a prerequisite for the Stats course requirement. The placement exam should be taken as soon as possible to maximize course planning.

*Pubpol 155D (55D) is the prerequisite for this course.

Electives (4): 4 electives at the 160-699 level
(one of which MUST be a 401-699 level course)

"Soft" cross-listed courses: (These courses will not have the PUBPOL cross-list, but will still count as lower level electives towards the major.)

  • Ethics 271- Life Within Capitalism: A History of its Values, Measures and Struggles
  • Ethics 285- Denial, Faith , Reason: Sustainability and Survival
  • German 282S.01- Green Germany
  • History 328- Global Brazil
  • Music 390S.01- El Sistema and Innovations in Music and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Theatre Studies 310S- Nonprofit Cultural Institution

Students will take PUBPOL 303 (prev 128), Microeconomic Policy Tools, as the introductory economic policy analysis course. Majors will then be required to take PUBPOL 304 (prev 132)

PUBPOL 303 will be required before doing the internship. PUBPOL 304 will not be required before the internship and may be taken before or after it.

Note: taking Econ 201D (55) fulfills the requirement for PUBPOL 303 (128) and will count as the prerequisite for PUBPOL 304 (132). Students who have taken Econ 201D cannot take PUBPOL 303 (128).

If you have any questions, please contact Ken Rogerson (rogerson@duke.edu) Public Policy Director of Undergraduate Studies.

All public policy core and elective courses must be taken for credit and cannot be taken Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (what used to be Pass/Fail).

Internship and Policy Paper

Prior to starting the internship, a student must have completed all of the following courses: Pubpol 155D (55D), 301 (114), 302 (116), 303 (128) or Econ 201 (55) , and Stat 101.

In 2004, the PPS faculty voted to make the core courses a prerequisite for the internship. The purpose of this was substantive. We believe the core courses teach the skills and critical thinking necessary to gain the most from the internship experience. A student must complete all the core classes (PPS 155, 301, 302, 303, and Stats 101) to receive credit for an internship that counts toward the completion of a major in public policy.

The internship is not meant to simply be something that students check off on their way to graduation, but a culminating synthesis of course work and other PPS-related experiences.

If students are able to do their internship between their sophomore and junior years having met all of the prerequisites, that is fine, but most PPS majors will not be able to complete the internship on this schedule. Most will sastisfy the internship requirement during the summer of their junior and senior year.

Please contact the Undergraduate Office with questions.

Class on the Sanford Building Lawn

Class on the Sanford Building Lawn