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When the PPS department asked its alums what they valued most about their education at Duke, those who had done honors projects often ranked that experience as the most satisfying part of their college education. There are many reasons to engage in an honors project: a desire to explore a policy research question in depth; an interest in determining whether academic research might be a potential career path; or the rewards of working closely with an expert in a particular policy field.

For many students, the honors project offers a welcome intellectual challenge. The combination of creativity and sustained effort required for a successful project can yield a strong sense of accomplishment. Down the road, graduate schools and employers see the completion of an honors project as a signal that a student sought the chance to produce excellent work. What students will often take away from the experience, in addition to recommendations and accolades, is a sense of self-awareness and knowledge of what they are capable of producing.

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Honors Program Contacts:

PPS Honors Program Director/Seminar Instructor:

Christina Gibson-Davis 919.613.7364

PPS Director of Undergraduate Study/Seminar Instructor:

Ken Rogerson 919.613.7387

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Fleishman Commons Sanford Building