Senior Profiles

Self Confidence Comes From Experience
Patrick Oathout

"I came to Duke just off the wait-list, eager to prove myself and worried I wouldn't find  my niche," Oathout said. "I have since found that self-confidence doesn't come from titles or accomplishments, but experiences. Duke offered me incredible opportunities for growth and personal development. I am a better person because of this school and I’ll be forever thankful," he said.

Faculty Mentor Helps Senior Build Health Policy Expertise
Will Woodhouse

Senior public policy major Will Woodhouse has contributed to published research, traveled to Amsterdam and Geneva and gained valuable perspectives on his future profession – all through a two-year partnership with Sanford Professor of the Practice Anthony So.

World Traveler Becomes Expert On Durham Gangs
Ellen Paddock

"Ellen is one of the hardest-working, most determined students I've supervised," said Professor Phil Cook, her thesis advisor. "To gather data on gang members in Durham required that she go through difficult human-subject review processes by Duke, the schools and the courts. She finally succeeded in clearing those hurdles and gathered an amazing amount of data from interviews with the youths, teachers, court counselors and others. By the end she knew as much about gangs in Durham as any cop or social worker."

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